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By Barry Choi April 28, 2022
Have you noticed that the cost of goods has gone up in price recently? From groceries to new vehicles, it seems like everything costs more. This is known as inflation. It’s a natural occurrence, but you can feel it in your budget when your income doesn’t increase at a similar rate. read more
By Oaken Financial July 12, 2021
Sustainable investing was once a relatively fringe investment style, but now it’s a significant part of how Canada’s national pension plan is managed. Here’s an overview of what you should know about sustainable investing. read more
I’m turning the big 4-0 this year. It seems like yesterday when I celebrated my 30th birthday with all my closest friends, but a decade has passed just like that. read more
By Oaken Financial June 29, 2021
Of all the changes the Covid-19 pandemic has forced upon us, none may be as interesting or far-reaching as the way it has affected how we work. read more
Every year I make sure to update my budget in January. Making a few adjustments is usually necessary as the cost of some expenses have likely changed, so I want to make sure that my budget is still accurate. read more
We’re more than a year into the global pandemic and some people are struggling financially. Many people have lost their jobs or have seen their hours cut. I saw my income drop by 75% during the peak of the pandemic. read more
Having a baby for the first time (or another child) is exciting, but stressful at the same time. You’ll be dealing with a lack of sleep, constant feedings, diaper changes and quite often, a significant drop in income. read more
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