Eligible for CDIC coverage

Among the highest RSP rates available in Canada

Our rates are among the best around, so you can enjoy the combination of guaranteed principal and the opportunity to securely build your savings over time.

Why invest in an RSP?

With an RSP from Oaken, you can put money aside for your retirement in a secure investment that guarantees your principal, while taking advantage of the tax benefits that come with contributing to an RSP.

The contributions you make to your RSP reduce your overall taxable income. That means you’ll pay less income tax every year you contribute to your plan. Learn more about this at the Canada Revenue Agency website.

By the time you begin to withdraw your money at retirement, you’ll likely be in a lower tax bracket – so the money you withdraw at that time would be taxed at a lower rate.*

Because a GIC guarantees your principal, you know your retirement savings are secure.

First time homebuyers can withdraw from their RSP for a purchase of a home. You get 15 years to pay back what you’ve borrowed, making it an affordable way to get your first home sooner.*

If you’re married or living common-law, the higher income earning spouse can contribute to the other’s RSP. This helps even out your overall taxable income, which means you pay less tax as a couple.*

You can also withdraw from your RSP to fund full-time training or education for you or your spouse.*

*Learn more about this at the Canada Revenue Agency website

Protect your investment

All Oaken GICs are eligible for the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) coverage through either Home Bank or Home Trust Company, up to applicable limits, so your savings are protected and your money will be there when you need it.