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Deposit insurance

About CDIC

Yes! Each deposit is available through either Home Bank or Home Trust Company, both of which are separate members of CDIC. So all of your Oaken deposits are eligible for CDIC coverage, up to applicable limits. Please visit the CDIC website for more information.

No, all deposits across both brands are held with either Home Trust Company or Home Bank as our two CDIC member institutions. The Oaken brand itself does not count as additional coverage. Learn more here

The maximum protection for eligible deposits at Oaken is $100,000 per name registration (principal and interest combined), for each issuer. In addition, CDIC provides separate insurance protection for joint deposits ($100,000 collectively, not per individual), as well as deposits held in RSPs, TFSAs, and RIFs ($100,000, principal and interest combined per registration type). Please visit the CDIC website for complete details on what is covered through CDIC.

Yes, Home Bank is also a separate member institution of CDIC.

No, CDIC coverage is $100,000 based on product type. RSPs, TFSAs, and RIFs each have up to $100,000 coverage regardless of the investment being held in a savings account or GIC.

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